Educate a Child

for a few dollars you can teach a child the skills to improve their own situation.

Fund a Student

We are a non-profit organization dedicated to providing a quality education to students around the world. Join us by contributing as little as $5 towards a
student's tuition.

Funded Students

2014 2015 forzia.jpg
Forzia Forzia's father is a taxi driver, but there isn't always fuel in the town which means he can't work.


JHS 1 @ Yesu Mmo

2014 2015 bridget 02.jpg
Bridget Bridget is an adopted student and her family is struggling to provide an education for her.


Stage 6 @ Yesu Mmo

2014 2015 sylvester 01
Sylvester Sylvester's mother was widowed over a year ago and struggles with educational expenses.


Stage 2 @ St. Cecilia