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2014 2015 philip.jpg
Philip Philip's mother earns meager wages and is struggling to pay her son's school tuition.


JHS 3 @ Yesu Mmo

2014 2015 ernest
Ernest Ernest is one of four children. His parents labor and farm for income, and with so many mouths to feed find it difficult to pull together additional funds to support their children's education.


Grade 5 @ St.Cecilia

2014 2015 lawren.jpg
Lawren Lawren lives with her aunt who makes little to no profit as a petty trader.


JHS 2 @ Yesu Mmo

Funded Students

2014 2015 cletus
Cletus Cletus' parents struggle to pay for their son's education due to poor health.


Grade 6 @ St. Cecilia

2014 2015 vera kumi.jpg
Vera Vera has been cared for by her grandfather since her mother's death, but times are difficult and it is hard for him to provide for her and three other children.


Grade 4 @ Yesu Mmo

2014 2015 samuel atta.jpg
Samuel Samuel's mother has passed away and his father is serving life in prison.


Grade 6 @ Yesu Mmo