What is nKoso?

nKoso is a nonprofit that funds quality education for students in rural Ghana.

Why fund education?

We believe that education is the most important force in the development of a person, their family and their community. All children should be afforded an education that will enhance their ability to lead and better their community.

What does nKoso mean?

nKoso is a variation of the Twi (prounounced: Twee) word nkɔsoɔ, a native Ghanaian term for advancement.

Is nKoso financially stable?

nKoso fundraises the annual operations budget necessary to remain stable. We also use volunteer effort and are conscious of keeping our operating costs at a reasonable level.

Are nKoso's financials available to review?

nKoso is committed to being 100% transparent 100% of the time. Our transparency page and financial document are coming soon. In the meantime, there is transparency information available on every student profile.

Is my financial information protected?

Absolutely. Protecting your information is very important to us. All of our transactions are processed securely through an SSL certificate.

I have more questions, how can I contact you?

Please send us an email using the form to the left or email us at support@nkoso.org. We do our best to respond to all inquiries within 48 hours.


Who is eligible to receive tuition assistance?

Every student is eligible. We believe no child should be denied access to a quality education. However, we prioritize rural families who we've identified as being most vulnerable and with a family committed to supporting their child's education.

Can students who receive tuition afford to pay on their own?

The children on our website either can not afford tuition and don’t attend or have a history of being sent home for delinquent payments. These are common problems in many communities and are obviously very disruptive to the student’s education

Who decides which students receive funding?

We ultimately decide who is listed on our website. Student profiles are collected and organized based on need. The children who need us most and have families committed to education are prioritized.

How will I know if a student I fund is successful?

All donors will receive updates about the student’s academic advancement as well as opportunities to continue funding the student through upcoming years. If for any reason, a student is no longer able to attend school, during the period in which funds were raised, all donors will be notified and given the option for a refund or to apply funds to another student. The main goal of nKoso is to provide an opportunity for students to continue their education undisrupted.

Why does nKoso fund students attending affordable private schools?

Our goal is to change the situation of individual children and their families. The public education systems in Ghana have chronic problems that we are not in a position to fix. We focus on low-fee private schools that we trust are providing a consistent and quality learning experience.

How does a student apply for tuition assistance?

Students in rural communities are eligible to apply, but must either attend or be willing to enroll in one of our partner schools in order to receive tuition assistance. If you think a rural school in Ghana could benefit from a relationship with us, have them contact us at schools@nkoso.org.

How do I know that the money goes to the student I select?

We will check in with you periodically through the year providing updates on the impact your donation is making on the student's life.

What happens to my money if a student isn't fully funded?

While we don’t anticipate this happening because the cost of tuition is so low, in the event that a student is not fully funded and the payment is due, nKoso will cover the balance out of our operating budget.